I am Paula Riley, an author and freelance writer/photographer based in Reno, Nevada, a beautiful place to live and not remotely near Vegas. Well, it shares the same state, but not quite the same state of mind.

I love what I do:

~ Freelance stories for magazines and newspapers.

~ Book doctoring; Preparation of manuscripts for Kindle or other eBooks.

~ Advice about preparing print-on-demand books through CreateSpace.

Reach me at fictionista@sbcglobal.net

pjoriley: author/editor/photog

Monarchs on the Move -- a recent story of mine in the Reno Gazette-Journal. The idea came to me one day in the form of a tagged Monarch butterfly feeding at a blooming bush in our yard. I knew what that round paper tag was. I just had to get a closer look. Kazam! A story was born. For more, click here. Or go to RGJ.com. Thanks!
A big thank you to Dr. David James of Washington State University and his northern Nevada volunteers for their input and cooperation. This is a bit of their story.
Print-on-Demand Workshop -- open to all. On Nov.12 at the So. Valleys Library on Wedge Parkway, I will join another local author in providing a hands-on program for self-publishing books. The FREE portion of the morning (10:00 - nooon) will demonstrate how to format a manuscript for eBook publishing (think Kindle). The afternoon (1:00-3:00) will walk attendees through formatting a manuscript for POD publishing. Cost for the afternoon session: High Sierra Writers members pay $5; non-members pay $17. Handouts included. Bring your own lunch, snacks, or drink. Location: 15650 Wedge Pkwy, south on Wedge from the Mt. Rose Highway, just past the soccer field. It's a bright yellow library!  More info at www.highsierrawriters.org