I am Paula Riley, author/editor and freelance writer/photographer based in Reno, Nevada, a beautiful place to live and not remotely near Vegas. Well, it shares the same state, but not quite the same state of mind.

I love what I do: 

~ Freelance stories for magazines and newspapers. 

~ Book doctoring; Preparation of manuscripts for Kindle or other eBooks. Coaching writers through their process.

~ Advice about preparing print-on-demand books through CreateSpace.

Reach me at fictionista@sbcglobal.net

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My November TMCC Course: Writing Memoir 
Date/Time:  Sat. Nov 3, 9:00a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Why write memoir? We’ll discuss the relevance of the memoir genre and examine various examples of successful memoirs (also known as personal narratives), followed by tips on how to organize your personal story for publication or posterity. 

We will discuss the relevance of personal narratives in current culture, then relevant examples of memoirs in print by various authors. Possible discussion of other approaches to the published memoir examples on offer. A discussion/lecture regarding the organizing of personal stories and how to shape them into a coherent whole.

I hope you'll join me! ​
Below is a link to the class, usually $39 with discounts for seniors; 
choose Creative Arts> Writing> Writing Memoir

Or go to the TMCC website/Continuing Education classes.