I am Paula Riley, an author and freelance writer/photographer based in Reno, Nevada, a beautiful place to live and not remotely near Vegas. Well, it shares the same state, but not quite the same state of mind.

This is my happy pic because I love what I do:

~ Book projects edited or doctored.

~ Preparation of manuscripts for Kindle or other eBooks.

~ Advice or lessons on preparing a print-on-demand book through CreateSpace.

Reach me at Fictionista@sbcglobal.net

pjoriley: author/editor/photographer

Contact pjoriley:
Join me for one of two
Free Memoir Workshops:
April 23 at the Executive Center (drop me a line for more info), or
at Grassroots Books on Grove St. in Reno.

We'll discuss true stories and lies to inspire writers and readers, including why readers gravitate to stories both real and raw. I will provide and explain the forms of a handful of diverse narratives from my own library, and touch on the practice of gathering and recording a personal story. Reservations recommended as space is limited: 828-2665.
Hope you'll join me there!