I am Paula Riley, an author and freelance writer/photographer based in Reno, Nevada, a beautiful place to live and not remotely near Vegas. Well, it shares the same state, but not quite the same state of mind.

I love what I do:

~ Freelance stories for magazines and newspapers.

~ Book doctoring; Preparation of manuscripts for Kindle or other eBooks.

~ Advice about preparing a print-on-demand book through CreateSpace.

Reach me at fictionista@sbcglobal.net

pjoriley: author/editor/photographer

Thanks to The Book Hound radio show (on AM 1180) for a lovely conversation about all kinds of writing, fiction, and setting our books afloat in the world. My hat's off to Janice Hermsen of LRP Nevada and American Matters Media.
Copy the link below and paste it into your browser to download the half-hour segment. Thanks for listening!

The totem at right can be found at Thunder Mountain Monument at Imlay, Nevada, fading a little more each year in the harsh desert weather. It's part of a homestead-and-found/repurposed art installation produced by a man who settled at Imlay. He eventually became known  around those parts as Chief Rolling Thunder. Designated a historic monument, the site contains hundreds of symbolic elements. In more recent times, picnic tables and a parking area have been added. The grounds and house and outbuilding (the "bottle building") are a haunting sight I'm drawn to whenever I'm on I-80 headed east from Reno, one of those gifts to someone traveling with eyes wide open.